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Ibiza at Night

Just like any city or place in Spain it always comes alive at night, and I don't mean the way we British come out at night (getting trollied on WKD's) I mean you see people eating their dinner at 10 o' clock at night, shops are still open for you to browse and the streets…

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New Outfit Post: Luxemme

This lovely little suede number was bought to my attention by the good people of Luxemme. The e-mailed me a while back giving me access to their website and a range of outfits to choose from. So far they've been the best company I've collaborated with, they've provided me with the item quickly as possible…

gay wedding photography portfolio ibiza photographer

Ibiza Wedding Portfolio #3

The third and final instalment of my Ibiza wedding portfolio. I hope you have enjoyed my images. Any comments and advise would be very much appreciated! xoxo

gay wedding photography portfolio ibiza photographer

What I learnt from Wedding Photography Abroad

Here I shall share with you my dear followers, readers and passers-by what I have learnt from Photographing a wedding abroad. Now this was my first Wedding abroad and I was already nervous. I hadn't seen the venue, I didn't really know what the seating arrangements were going to be and I had no idea…

gay wedding photography portfolio ibiza photographer

Ibiza Wedding Portfolio #1

The day has finally arrived!!! It's taken two years of planning and stress but the day has finally FINALLY arrived!!! IT'S SAM AND ALLAN'S WEDDING!!!! AHHHHH!!!! And they trusted me ME(!) in taking their wedding images!!! This is such a big deal for me because I'm working on my first wedding abroad, but one of…