Just a quick note to say I have BIIIIIIG plans on my photography!!! All will be revealed once I know what I'm doing!!! Until then here is what's to come:   🌸🌸 Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo 🌸🌸 By R.E.Dixon Photography 


Cherry Blossom Season

By R.E.Dixon Photography 

Reduced £1

'Reduced £1' by R.E.Dixon Photography 1/4/17

Toy Photography Thursday: Deadpool

Welcome one and all!! As you all know I already do a Funko Friday section but now I feel like branching out and begin a bi-weekly section Toy Photography Thursday!! Toy Photography has become a new love for me and it's something I would love to do as a career!! As a photographer of 10…

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Floral Photography Portfolio #10