Visual Diary: El Dorado Festival

At the end of June I attended my second festival of the year which was El Dorado, and it was amazing!! This time round I was slightly more relaxed than I was in the last festival and was a lot more patient with my tent. I think I'll be able to put it up all…


I cannot afford to take this blog any further 

Until September. So some of the imagery might be a tad bit small for now but please be patient, they will be back to regular size once my finances are more stable. Thank you x

Visual Diary: Lemon Magazine

Back in the beginning of May I was to photograph the launch of Lemon Magazine, a feminist and fashion magazine created as part of a University project by Emily Griffiths. The event was meant to take place in March but Beast in the East had other ideas and so the event was cancelled. However with…

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My Slutbox Subscription Box Review

Amber Rose (of Muva to us sluts) is a modern feminist icon, passionately advocating for feminism, sex positivity and body feminism. An extremely intelligent and caring woman, Amber Rose is one of my all-time modern icon and I really look up to her! If you've haven't noticed I try my best to spread some sex…

Pole Dancing Level 5

Fancied sharing a video of myself doing my hardest move yet. Can you believe I've only been doing this for less than seven months!? Proud of myself!!