Visual Diary: Ann Summers Party

Back in March I held my first Ann Summers Party and it was an absolute scream!! Ann Summers is a lingerie and sex toy shop in the UK and one of my favourite places to buy my trash clothing as well as my sports clothing!! Ann Summers clothing is very affordable and if you hold…


Please Follow My Photography Instagram

I hate retail. I really want Photography to be my main source of income. I've been doing it for ten years now and it's about damn time I got paid for it. All I'm asking is a quick follow. I'm pleading, I know, and I'm embarrassed by myself for doing so. But I've had enough.…

Katrin Selfie by R.E.Dixon Photography

I'm going to try and add my photography to this blog. I love doing my Visual Diary posts and I'm a photographer who loves taking photos!!! Why would I not want to share one off images?!

Geeky Diaries: My Little Pony Unboxing

For this weeks Geeky Diaries I decided to unbox one of my favourite Mystery Mini series from Funko; the My Little Pony Mystery Mini pack!! I've opened a few of these in the past and I have a few more still to open! If you're new to my articles then you would know that I…

Guten Tag Berlin

Here is a sneak peak of one of the pieces of my first solo exhibition in Berlin! I hope you guys like it!! X