Coming Soon: Local Haunts – A Spooky Anthology

From the awesome mind of Kara Love I would like to introduce to you her newest creation: Local Haunts – A Spooky Comic Anthology. With over fifty contributors and thirty-two creepy short stories, Local Haunts is an anthology of personal spooky stories from small nestled towns around the world.

Miss Love states that she had the idea for the Anthology book after discussing paranormal stories with a friend “…Although we both considered ourselves well-versed in paranormal myths, neither of us knew each others tales because we grew up in different parts of the country…I wanted to hear more creepy stories from smaller towns, that, like mine, may not be as popular as Bigfoot sightings or as heavily referenced as the claw-handed killer of Lover’s Lane. Every town has strange tales that deserve to be told. So I decided to tell them.” 

There are 32 stories all together which cover an array of scary themes such as cults, haunted portraits, personal encounters with the unexplainable, cryptids and the creme-de-la-creme of spooky stories – ghosts. The response to submissions was a lot more than they bargained for, with over 150+ stories being pitched!

I’ve been sent two of the stories from the Anthology. The first I read was called ‘Irish Castle of Beverly’ and it was created by writer Dan Rafter, the art was by Phenylketonurics and the lettering was by Mike Rickaby. From what I can see some people worked as a collective on a short story while others may have the covered every comic book creating area. The story is really cute as well as the art, it has a cooky Scooby-Doo vibe to it which is absolutely delightful! The pages are bursting with colour and it’s suitable for all ages…unlike our second book. 

The second comic book is called ‘There is a Bridge’ and again it was created as a collective and was written be Dillon Gilbertson, the pencils and ink was done by Danny Jimenez, the colours were done by Luca Romano and the letters are by Cristian Docolomansky. This comic is the complete opposite of ‘Irish Castle of Beverly’. It has a minimal amount of colours focusing on grey and blue tones. The artwork is a lot more realistic facially and a lot darker, in fact the whole comic is a lot more darker and sinister. It has a minimal amount of dialogue as the visuals tell more of a story and it also ends up tugging at your hearts strings – and not in a good way. 

So far – I’m utterly impressed! I love that not one story is going to look or read the same and the fact they’re stories from all corners of the world is going to make this anthology soo much more interesting! I cannot wait to learn of the different paranormals that I’ve not yet heard of!! 

If you want to help in any way here is a link to their Patreon and a link to their Kickstarter!! 


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