Calling All Cardiff Bloggers!! Blogger Photography Sessions

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Four years ago my blog first began as a Fashion blog, I really wanted to make a go of it but unfortunately I was too poor and also my interests changed as well as my blog theme (it’s been a fashion blog, a geek blog and now it’s whatever the hell I want because it’s MY BLOG). Back then all I wanted to be was a blogger. At the beginning of 2018 I decided to take a backseat with my blogging and focus solely on my photography which is slowly getting there (the rave photography jobs are a dream) but I know I could do more with it!

I want to expand my photography and make it my full-time career! At the moment I have my rave photography and the occasional odd job but I want to do more so I want to reach out to the fashion bloggers of Cardiff!!



I recently did a shoot with my blogger wife Liz and even though I’m slightly rusty with my fashion photography I’m still very happy with them!! I’m planning a Christmas shoot with her soon which I cannot wait for you to see!!

If you’re a fashion blogger in Cardiff and need some outfit shots please do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail!! My fee is £30 and we can take as many outfits as you want!! If you have a particular shoot or idea in mind bring them to me!! We’ll try and make them come to life!!