19 Days: Day 264 Recap

19 Days is back and here’s hoping the plot will speed up slightly!! In the last chapter we saw Guanshan lending He Tian his jacket. It wasn’t very exciting. So what will happen in this chapter? A brand new day? Will He Tian make it home in time? Does Guanshan have another ‘nightmare’? Let’s find out…

It’s a brand new school day and the mock exams are out. Turns out He Tian, the honour student isn’t doing so well. So he goes to find Little Mo with a proposition…

Thank you Jian Yi! Never have I been so happy to see him! I loved this chapter! It’s a start to a brand new arc and I cannot wait!! I didn’t realise that He Tian was a honour student?! I thought he was more a delinquent rebel? I wonder if this He Tian’s sly way of becoming study buddies with Guanshan? Would he really purposely fail to spend more time with him? I guess only time will tell…and what a little pervert he is! You cannot blame Guanshan for reacting the way he did! Nobody wants someone staring at their ding dong while they’re going to the toilet! Also He Tian is wearing white not his black top! Is he dropping his whole gangster background? There is a theory going around the fandom about the boys when they wear certain coloured tops. The gangster children (He Tian and Jian Yi) always or occasionally wear black but the other two don’t. She Li is always wearing black. It’s a cute little theory.

Next Chapter: it’s definitely going to be a continuation of this! You can’t leaving us hanging after that ending!! Maybe He Tian will get to finish asking Mo to huddle for warmth!! I can already see the study buddy scenarios in my head. Cue major fangirl squeal!!

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