19 Days: Day 261 Recap

19 Days is back with a brand new chapter and after last chapter I’m hoping for some relationship development. In the last chapter we saw Guanshan looking after a very grateful He Tian who was having a nightmare. So what’s going to happen in this chapter? Let’s find out…

Guanshan and He Tian are sat by the dinner table and He Tian wants some food, but in exchange he has to refer to Guanshan as ‘Brother Mo’…

Oh we’re not back to this again?! I was hoping for at least something to happen, just something to happen!! The pace of this manhua is moving a bit too slowly for me now. We need something!! I think we’ve waited long enough now!!

I do love the fact that He Tian is letting all of Mo Guanshan’s insults go over his head. He loves it really. He’s looking at him with such loving eyes! It’s really cute. Although putting his hands in his food is pretty disgusting. He could’ve just waited a little while. Also He Tian has a total neck kink. He is always grabbing onto Guanshan’s neck. In the manhua, in the official art pieces he’s always grabbing Little Mo’s neck. I did love the ‘Brother Mo’ scene, I think we all secretly enjoyed that a bit too much. We’re not used to He Tian acting so submissive, and neither is Guanshan. I hope their relationships develops a bit soon. This is just too slow for me. Guanshan is definitely aware of him now so can we move on? Please?!

Next chapter: We’re definitely going to go back to Jian Yi and Zhang’s story because we’ve had two chapters of He Tian and Guanshan. I really want to know why Jian Yi is being protected. It’s as if that story never really happened. We’ve had soo much fluff recently that Im expecting some angst coming up in the next few chapters. I actually hope we have some angst it’s needed.

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