19 Days: Day 260 Recap

The Iris Prize articles have been taking soo much of my time that I’ve fallen completely behind with this recaps, and for that I am sorry BUT we are back on schedule and I’ve managed to find some time to write the recaps!! So there is no point wasting anymore time so I’m just going to dive right on in! In the last chapter we saw He Tian having a slight nightmare in which Guanshan was quick to comfort him! What’s going to happen now? Let’s find out…

While He Tian continues having his nightmare, Mo Guanshan struggles to get out of his grip but it’s too late…

Visually this is a stunning chapter!! I love the use of minimal colour, just grey’s and brown with a little bit of dark blue. The explosion stands out soo much against the dark blue background. I love the look of this chapter so much!!

I hope we get to find out soon what happened in He Tian’s past as it looks really intense and I don’t want to be second guessing. Clearly he had to escape the same way this time as he did when he was a child hence the ptsd. I cannot even fathom what sort of life He Tian had. I love that Mo’s subconscious reaction was to hold his hand even though he realised that may not have been the best decision. See how the word ‘bullshit’ is in a smaller bubble? That is indication he does care but obviously he’s not going to show it. He’s too guarded. This is also the first time I believe that He Tian feels cared for, which is really sad. I do think he’s definitely going to open up to Guanshan but not just yet. I think they’re not in the right setting for it at the moment and also Guanshan is too stubborn and guarded for He Tian to truly trust him yet.

Next Chapter: I think it’ll be a continuation of this but you know what I’m really curious about? Where is Jian Yi’s mother? Is she not around anymore? What happening there? Is Jian Yi still being looked after because thus far I haven’t seen handsome bodyguard for a while!

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