Visual Diary: Balance Sessions by Rituals


On the 27th September I attended a Balance Sessions by Rituals which was held in John Lewis, Cardiff. The event consisted of an hour long Yoga Session, which was then followed by a abhayanga massage. Tickets for the event cost £20 which was redeemable against any Rituals products. This was my first John Lewis beauty event and I was very excited for the Yoga session!! As a person I’m constantly very stressed with life and career (or the lack of career) and my mother cannot stop talking about how amazing Yoga is, so, for her, I gave it a go!


The Yoga Session
The Yoga session was held by Catherine Kelleher who is a qualified yoga teacher and who has been providing yoga tuition in Cardiff for the past eight years!! She teaches her yoga at The Little Yoga Hut which is a little home studio nestled amidst the nature of Catherine’s back garden. 

She specialises in teaching yoga on a  1-to-1 basis so then she can focus on the needs of the individual. This is called ‘Viniyoga’ It means that Catherine can design a yoga practice for you, the individual, based on your specific needs and goals.

Opinion – I always thought that Yoga was a white woman middle class fad. I’ll put my hands and admit that’s what I thought of it. However with Catherine’s softly spoken instructions and the difficult-but-doable moves (depending on your level of fitness), I can honestly say I have not been this relaxed in years, and I honestly mean years!!! My mind was empty for a good half hour!! Unfortunately relaxing and not worrying about things is something that I cannot do so all my problems and worries came flooding back but I’m 110% sure that if I stuck with Catherine for a few weeks she’ll be able to teach me how to shut off my brian and not worry about the little things, as well as improving my balance as well as help me finding new patterns to help me in my daily life.

If you’re in the Cardiff area and want to have a taste of the Yoga life, then I do recommend Catherine! You can visit her website, and book a free consultation.


Abhayanga Massage
An Abhayanga Massage is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. The oil is often pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. The Abhayanga massage took place after our yoga session and they used The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil VATA which you can use for body and hair. It’s enriched with nourishing sweet almond and basil and is great for nourishing dry skin.

I’ve been meaning to get a massage for a while as I am such a tense person!! I’m not even kidding I cannot, for the life of me, relax. I just find it impossible. So as you can imagine after a yoga session and an arm massage I was feeling light as a feather mentally which was soo nice!! I wish I could feel like that all the time.


New Products
Rituals had an array of products to show us in this event which was a mixture of individual items as well as gift sets. The gift sets were;

The Ritual of Sakura Renewing Treat – The products in this gift set included a 50ml foaming shower gel, 70ml body scrub, 70ml body cream and a 100ml hand soap (each of these products can be bought separately). The products are based on the aromas of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk.

The Ritual of Dao Calming Ritual – The products in this gift set included a 200ml foaming shower gel, a 125ml body scrub, 70ml body cream and a 300ml hand soap. The products are meant to restore the balance of your body and mind and are based on White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren.

The Ritual of Happy Buddha Energising Ritual – The products in this gift set include a 200ml foaming shower gel, 125g body scrub, 70ml body cream and a 300ml body soap. They’re meant to help and revitalise which will create moments of happiness every day.

Goody Bag
We all received a goody bag at the end of Yoga session and they have gave a really nice and vast collection of products!! Most of the products came from the Ritual of Ayurveda collection and we had a harmonising foaming shower gel which smells of Indian Rose and Sweet Almond. We also got a Natural Dry Oil for body and hair which I cannot wait to try out as I am in the process of trying to start to take better care of my hair. A hand balm which will be prefect for me since I pick up weights at the gym and I spin around the pole so it’ll come very useful! We also got some Rose Wisdom soothing herbal melange Ginger and Rose tea which will be soo calming and soothing!



Redeemable Purchase
For my redeemable purchase I bought myself some body cream!! I treated myself to the Ritual of Happy Buddha body cream which smells of Cedar Wood and Sweet Orange and honestly it smells sooooo good! I’ve already started using it and it makes my skin feel soo soft and it smells incredible!! A must now for me after every shower!!

Never has an event left me completely and utterly relaxed like that before and I had such a good time!! I’ll definitely be making future Ritual purchases as I did find them incredibly relaxing!!

Visit their website here 

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