19 Days: Day 258 Recap

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There is a lot of excitement in the 19 Days fandom!! Old Xian has just released her second artbook and it looks incredible!!! I cannot wait for it to be released internationally! In the last chapter we saw Guanshan being punched in the testicles by He Tian. What’s going to happen this week? Will Guanshan be a man and stand up to He Tian? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi have just left Guanshan’s house and they bump into Xiao Hui who has a slight crush on Zhang…

Screen shot 2018-10-02 at 19.49.10

WELL!! I was not expecting that!! So from what I can gather Zhang definitely has feelings of some sort for Jian Yi (and apparently the entire fandom knew this, for some reason it went over my head since I’ve read every chapter). It’s nice to hear him speak incredibly fondly of Jian Yi, shame he doesn’t say this to Jian Yi’s face, instead he has to break this little girls’ heart.

Anyone getting the impression that Jian Yi is purposely making this situation awkward? The way his facial expression has been drawn and the angle he’s been drawn…it’s giving the impression that he’s trying to be intimidating. After their last encounter where she called him disgusting you can’t blame his dumb teenage brain to act like a dick, however I do not like this attitude.

If I’m completely honest I really do not like Jian Yi at the moment. He has become incredibly annoying as of late, and not the cute annoying, just annoying. He’s become very rude and he’s become very in-your-face. I really do not like this very strange character development. It seems like a step back!

I do love the fact that Zhang has a lot more dialogue in this chapter, I love the fact he’s become the voice of reason in Jian Yi’s life. I’ve also picked up on the fact he’s barely violent with Jian Yi anymore. Now that is character development I can get behind.

Next Sunday – I hope the next chapter we will be back on He Tian and Guanshan. I hope He Tian has recovered and then have a heart to heart.

You can read 19 Days here

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