Visual Diary: Sam Hickman Album Launch

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On September 21st I attended my good friend Sam Hickman’s album launch, where she delighted us with some comedy, music as well as three costume changes!! I was there to capture it all with my trusty little camera! I was very excited since I had already heard the album (which is incredible by the way, you should purchase it yourself) and also to see the album itself since it was my photography that was used. This is my first album cover and it means the world to me! Of course Sam did all the wording and the editing on the album itself.




The album was inspired by the man who got away. Sam talked us through the meaning behind the album in her amazing comedic fashion. She was funny, witty and honest throughout. She’s also an amazing harpist and songwriter. I am in awe of how talented my friend is!! She is hilarious, she can sing, she’s extremely intelligent, she’s an amazing support to her friends. She’s just an all-round amazing human being and we are not worthy of her.






The images themselves – God’s honest truth I’ve never been as happy with my event photography as I was with these images!! I’m beyond happy with how they came out!! I managed to snap some brilliant moments at the launch which I’ve been very excited to share with you!! My favourite image I took from the evening was when she’s holding her headpiece above her as if she’s about to crown herself, and she has her eyes closed, savouring the moment.


What was actually going on was that she was removing her headpiece in a dramatic fashion.

Everybody had an excellent night and I’m soo glad I got to be a part of it!

You can buy Sam’s Album on itunes here

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