19 Days: Day 255 Recap

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Guanshan beloved has made it back, Jian Yi is slowly becoming his father but nicer and Zhang cannot have nice things when Jian Yi is around. So what’s going to happen in this chapter? Will He Tian tell the tale of him escaping the clutches of his father? Let’s find out…

After Jian Yi’s money lending, and He Tian’s return, you could say that Guanshan has had enough surprises for one night, buy you kow what they say, everything happens in three’s….

Screen shot 2018-09-07 at 13.56.39

Okay everyone calmed down a bit? No?! Same!! This chapter was too much for all of us!! I’m a grown ass adult I could just about handle it!! Old Xian is adding soo much to this build up of them getting together and I honestly believe we still have a long way to go!!

I want to highlight Guanshan’s behaviour in this chapter too as his guard is definitely up. His reaction to seeing He Tian in his boxers was him being caught off guard. Obviously he’s been having these weird dreams lately and seeing the guy you’ve been having weird dreams about undressing in your bedroom is going to make you freak out slightly. He also can tell something is wrong that’s why he’s being so kind (which he is, underneath the pride and hurt) but obviously he doesn’t want to show that. He doesn’t want to show that he cares. He Tian looks incredibly tired, look at him attempting to be aggressive! Good God he’s big! He’s flattening the poor boy.

Anyone finding Jian Yi to be slightly annoying at the moment? Because I am. I also wish Zhang would get some time in the spotlight too. He’s become one of the biggest side characters of this series. I want to know what’s going with him and how he’s feeling. He can already sense that something is the matter with He Tian. Hopefully Zhang can be a more calming influence on Jian Yi.

Next Chapter: Hopefully another continuation of this!! Please Old Xian we’ve been patient long enough!!

You can read 19 Days here 

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