Visual Diary: Living in Marlborough

So as you all may be well aware I haven’t been as regular on this blog like I should be, that’s because I’ve been having waaay too much fun at my new abode!!

Back in July Katrin and I parted ways after 4 years of blissful living. She has now moved in to her brand new studio apartment, like the sassy career bitch that she is and now I’m living with my lovely Pole Teacher Lottie and the boys, Jordan and Jared. I found it pretty daunting as I didn’t really know everyone before I moved in. I’ll put my hands up and admit I was very very nervous, I know I’m a lot to take on and I’m an melodramatic, over-the-top human being and that grinds on people, so I was worried they’d find me too much. But instead they welcomed me with open arms, and I’ve never been more relaxed with living with such a big group of people before. They’re all incredibly funny, warm, kind people!

There is a lot more farting going on than I’m used to but I can overlook it. I’m doing a lot more yoga thanks to Lottie and I’m also drinking a lot more thanks to Lottie and now (if anyone is free) I have a multitude of gym partners as we’ve all joined the same gym!

My music taste has expanded thanks to the boys!! Some of my favourites include;

Cafeteria – Jakey
Knock Knock – Mac Miller
Amelia – Skott (this is Lottie’s tune)
(The First Stone) – Changes (ft Yelawolf)
Follow You Home – Nickelback

On Sunday Lottie and I have craft night! We’ve done it once but we try our best to plan it as much as we can!!

One major positive from this move is the fact that…drum roll please… I clean now!! And I do it very well too!! I’ve cleaned the kitchen, the living room, I did an okay job on the bathroom. My room is so-so! Snaps for Rhian!

I cannot wait for the next eight months! Especially with Tokyo planned as well!! Hopefully everyone will want to go!!


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