Visual Diary: Pride Cardiff 2018

On the 25th of August I attended my first ever Pride as well as representing my workplace (which I shall not disclose) in the Pride Parade! It was a lot of fun!! The atmosphere was electric and everyone was in such good spirits!!

We were behind Sainsbury’s and in front of the local female roller-derby who looked amazing!! I grabbed a flyer from them I am very attempted to join!! We went all around Cardiff, blowing our really annoying whistles, and being harassed by a wasp.

Whilst we were parading (HA) around, I couldn’t help looking around and I spied amazing costumes by our local Drag Queens! Some of the costumes had me gagging!! They were incredibly beautiful! Unfortunately I didn’t take any images, I wish I had my camera with me!

Of course you always have one dick who tries to ruin everybody’s fun. He had a sign with a quote from Jesus and…I didn’t even bother to read the rest. If you’ve studied religion (like I have) you would know that Jesus said nothing, absolutely nothing about homosexuality. It was honestly embarrassing watching this uneducated cretin making an absolute fool of himself.

Anyway onto more positive events…

This was the morning of Pride. I was dressed appropriately, my dog collar was a decent size and I was on my best behaviour. But when the co-workers were gone…half the clothes came off, the dog collar doubled in size and as for my behaviour? Well…😊.

We all had such a good time!! The Cabaret was amazing and Derrick Barry was insane!! What a beautiful beautiful woman!! Courtney Act was on the next day but unfortunately it was raining, and I was dying!

I cannot wait until next year!! Maybe I can convince a few people to attend the London Pride Parade! That would be amazing!


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