Geeky Diaries: Tokidoki Frenzies Unboxing

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Today for my Geeky Diaries post I will be unboxing not one, but two Tokidoki mystery blind boxes!! Tokidoki is a Japanese inspired lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles and created by Italian artist Simone Legno. Tokidoki design has been designed on a variety of goods which include stationary, plushies, clothing and of course blind bags!


There are a dozen Tokidoki blind bags to be had which include plushies and figurines. I’ve seen one or two bloggers opening them on their Youtube videos and decided to get one or two of my own. They’re a rarity around my area so I will keep my eyes peeled for more in the future! All their figurine blind bozes come in a variety of different sizes but as you can see with mine they’re really tiny. Incredibly small in comparison to a normal blind box!

I purchased one Tokidoki Frenzies Unicorno blind box where there are 20 characters to collect and I also purchased the Tokidoki Frenzies Punkstar blind box which I believe holds one of the 20 Punkstar character designs!


Let’s start with Tokidoki Frenzies Unicorno. There are 20 characters to collect and they include Can Can, Caramelo, Sunny Day, Kaili, Mario, Stellina, Metallo, Dolce, Bambu, Prima Donna, Sakura, Sergeant Rumble, Zamba, Rodeo, Vanalo, Peperino, Mooka, Bellina, Pogo and Fumo.   All the designs are adorable but I do hope to get either Sakura as I love her colour and the floral design she has or Pogo as I love the pop of colour she has on her mane.

And I got…


I love it!! My first little Tokidoki Unicorno and it’s rad as hell!! I honestly don’t understand why I was soo desperate for some pastel pink unicorn when I could be having the Devil’s unicorn hanging from my phone!! It’s completely different to what I wanted and I love it!! I love the untamed (but styled) mane it has, makes it look like a complete badass. I also love the little details such as the cute little satanic symbols all over it’s body and of course it’s red eyes which just jumps right at you! The paintwork is great and again, I’m in love with it!!



Now onto our second blind box. The tokidoki Frenzies Punkstar blind box is based on characters from an abandoned karaoke machine factory. There are 20 characters all together Amplibot, Maxx, Charley, Rocco, Sid, Jimmy Wawa, Nancy, Grinder, Les, Kona, Cuckee, Rudy, Paco, Rolly, Kingston, Damien, Roxie, Styx, Thunder, Bean Kingston (Chase) Grinder (Chase) Damien (Super Rare Chase) -Blind boxed collectables and I hope to get Sid as he reminds me of Sid Vicious. I also love the colouring Kimmee so I wouldn’t mind getting her as well.

And I got…


Again, I am in love with her!! I love the contrast in-between her and Fumo! Her pink hair is incredibly vibrant and I love the minimal amount of colour but it works well as they’ve used such a vibrant colours on her. I love the details on this little figure. The top of her guitar is detailed with little stars and she has a similar to mine!!


Will I get anymore?
Yes!! Definitely!! I want to collect different ones too so if you have any suggestions of good Tokidoki blind bags or boxes please comment below!!




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