Local Hyper Celebrity – Sam Hickman Album Cover and Launch

sam hickman local hyper celebrity event

Well it’s been a while since I’ve informed you of my photography career. As you know I’m trying my hardest to make myself a full-time photographer and unfortunately it’s not easy. Not one bit. However I’m still getting odd jobs here and there and the last job I had was creating a photographic narrative for Sam Hickman’s first Album and create some edits for her album launch posters!!


And guess what? They came out amazingly!!! I’m so so so happy with the final edits!! I’m not going to lie it was touch and go for a little while, as I haven’t done an editorial piece for a while, and when skimming through them I was really really worried and concerned I managed to eff the whole thing up, but I am my worst enemy, I am my biggest critic and the images (after a little creative edit) turned out perfectly.


She looked like a queen!! She looked like a star!!!

The gold gown and headpiece  was created by Tailor Green and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him!! The whole concept was dramatic, theatrical and since Sam is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met, it also had to be downright funny. I was going for camp and bold with a hint of glamour.


One of our main props was a lambs heart which made everyone gag and it stunk to high heaven!!

Working in a studio environment was a lot of fun. I haven’t done it in five years!! I know I need to take as quick course on the use of studio lighting, I’ve been soo out of practise I cannot even remember how to do it!! I’ll be doing another shoot in September! A fetish shoot, going to try and kick-start my friend Asha’s modelling career so hopefully I’ll have a bit of practice then!


Now I don’t want to show you the entire range of images so I’ve selected my top images from the shoot! I hope you like them!!

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