19 Days: Day 253 Recap

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Well well well!! The 19 Days fandom may had to wait a while for a new chapter but Old Xian did give us some goodies in between!! We didn’t just get one, but two TWO official art pieces of He Tian and Guanshan. She knows we’re becoming impatient. The Guanshan artwork is absolutely beautiful. The red of his eyes is just striking. What do you guys think? In the last chapter we witnessed one of the biggest plot twists in the whole book. What will happen in this chapter? Has He Tian escaped his fathers clutches? Is Guanshan still not sleeping properly? Let’s find out…

The boy decide to pay a visit to Guanshan without giving him a warning. Whilst on the train, Jian Yi can’t help but admire Zhang’s new trousers…

Screen shot 2018-08-16 at 21.42.46

This chapter was really really cute. I love the first panel with the boys posing in their edgy outside attire. They look like catwalk models!! Jian Yi is becoming soo handsy. What a little creep. I feel for Zhang in this chapter, having Jian Yi inappropriately touching him and having his new holey pants ripped by him also.

I’m also planning to adopt the term ‘holey pants’ too. I thought it was such a cute term to describe them. Sometimes you forget that these boys, are in actual fact, 15 years old, since they constantly get involved with older gangsters. Moments like this in the recent chapters remind me of the beginning chapters when it was cute and hilarious and He Tian was slightly in love with Jian Yi and Zhang was picking rice out Jian Yi’s hair.

The little song at the end was also really cute!! I love the fact the boys (well Jian Yi anyway) really wants to make an effort with Guanshan, quite possibly because he knows how much he means to He Tian. Maybe He Tian even asked him to keep an eye on him hence why he’s constantly visiting.

Next Chapter: I really do hope is a chapter with all three of them engaging in conversation and getting on. Maybe more of Guanshan softening to them, letting his guard down slightly.

You can read 19 Days here

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