Private Playlist #5

FINALLY!! I’ve managed to find the time to squeeze a brand new sex playlist for you guys!! Life has been extremely hectic since the last time I wrote one of these (which was on March 22nd btw) and since I have found soo many new music, new songs, new artists and I cannot wait to add some extra stimulants to wherever you plan on having sex (none of my business where).

As you get older and you start working out what’s important to you in terms of relationships and just sex in general you will learn one thing: your sex playlist is VITAL!! It can set the mood, it can change the goddamn vibe!! It’s important! I know it’s important to me. I like music. I like sex. Obviously I’m going to combine the two and so should you!

I am here to make sure that whoever you’re giving it to is sending their friends all the splash drop emoji’s they can! I’m also going to throw in one or two songs that I’m desperate to pole dance to! I’m also always open to new suggestions so please please PLEASE send them my way!!

Sugar Daddy – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
This is a nice little dance number!! I mean, some bits of the song will downright kill the mood but you keep going!! Pound through the awkwardness!!

Jay Park – I Don’t Disappoint 
“I need a cha-cha beat boy’. The king of smooth, sultry music makes his fifth (yes fifth) appearance on my playlist. I Don’t Disappoint was a grower but an obvious choice for this type of list. With lyrics such as ‘I’ve been thinking of you I can’t wait to go and fuck you right’ this is bound to get at least one of you in the mood.

Jay Park – You Know
I’ve known of this song waaay before I wrote my first sex playlist and for some stupid reason I never mentioned it! I would love to choreograph some pole routine to this song!! I love it and it’s on of my absolute favourites!! As soon as the ‘I need a cha-cha beat boy‘ you know you’re in for a ride!

Blood in the Cut – Aire Atlantica Remix
Working on a pole routine to this beaut of a song as we speak!

Baby Don’t Stop – NCT U
The whispered chorus will just get you!!

All Night – Big Boi
Special mention as it’s a great song and if you’re imaginative enough you can make it work!

Sexy Silk – Cumkitten
The name says it all (let’s be honest). You find the Cumkitten version on spotify, until then you’re stuck with the Jessie J version (find the cover).

Peach Jam – 88Rising
Great tune for morning sex!