Geeky Diaries: Funko Mystery Plush Unboxing

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I have another Geeky Diaries post for you all and today I will be opening my first ever Funko Mystery Plush!! I haven’t opened one of these before and I’m excited to see what they’re like. I chose the Batman one as there were none of the other mystery plush boxes around (I know a stupid waste on money but reviews need to be written). I am looking for the KleptoCats mystery plushes, hopefully I’ll be able to open a few of them for you soon.

The Box
The box itself is has a faded design of actual DC Comic strips. At the back of the box you can see Batman and Catwoman while on one of the sides you can clearly see Harley Quinn. You can also collect this series in keyring form too but I preferred a normal plush.


The Plushes
There are 8 plushes to collect and come in all sorts of variants and characters. Since this is the first series of Batman plushes I can guarantee the will have more characters coming up in the next series. The looks seem to be based on the original looks eg Harley with her red and black outfit. The characters and variants you can collect now include;

Batman (1/6)
Joker (1/12)
Harley Quinn in red and black (1/6)
Catwoman (1/12)
Batgirl (1/6)
Zebra Batman (1/12)
Harley Quinn in pink and white (1/12)
Blue Batman (1/6)


I would love to get either Catwoman because I love cute pastel lilac or the Harley Quinn in pink and white. I just love the colouring of the plushes, I love how light they look and I cannot wait to see which one I got!


This plush is the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Honestly I think I price I paid was slightly extortionate. I knew it was going to be small but not pocket sized!! Hell it’s even smaller than pocked sized!! Looking at it (now that I’ve calmed down) it’s the same size as a mystery mini. I’ve finished my hysterics guys!!



It is an adorable little plush and I love the tiny little details like his belt and his cape. It’s super adorable and he’s soo soft!! I am disappointed that I didn’t get Catwoman or Harley Quinn though as they would’ve looked a lot better on my display cabinet with all my other pretty pastel figurines!

Will I purchase another one? No. No no no no no.


You can buy Batman Mystery Mini Plush Box here