Visual Diary: Alaska Thunderfuck

It is time. Here I am writing my last Drag Queen article of 2018…for now. Our final and 15th Queen of this year was Alaska Thunderfuck. I followed Alaska’s journey from when her first stint on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and then when she went on to win All Stars 2! I honestly couldn’t wait to see her.

Unfortunately it’s the first time we’ve ever had to deal with hecklers. There were these kids behind us who would not shut up and it was infuriating. They were absolute hot messes all of them. I honestly do not understand how you can love or admire someone and then make their jobs ten times harder just by being a twat. I honestly didn’t get it. One of them stormed on stage and when asked what his name was and where he came from he said and I quote ‘Hello my name is Mark (not actual name) and I’m pre-cumming’. Cue the major eye-rolls and groans from the rest of the audience. I didn’t stick around to watch any more of that mess. I was too embarrassed for him so I hid in the toilet.

Our host, aptly names Ophelia Balls had the whole place in absolute stitches and we were spoilt by not one, but two opening drag performers. Both of the drag acts were the same for Alyssa Edwards and they were even better the second time around!! Sound of Music will never be the same!

Alaska Thunderfuck was absolutely hilarious!! She stuck to singing her music which I absolutely adore and we were spoilt to not one, not two but five (that’s right five) costume changes!!! All latex and all absolutely stunning!! My personal favourite was the green latex dress at the end. I just love that shade of green!!

The highlight for me was the appearance of Little Pound Cake who is a straight up motherfucking dickpig who loves riding dirty! I was at my element when I saw her!!
Such a fabulous fabulous night!!

I think you all know that this isn’t going to my last drag show this year. At the moment Latrice Royale will be here on 21st August and Willam will also be here on the 31st October (fun Halloween activity). Bianca Del Rio will also be in Cardiff in a week. She is probably the Holy Grail of Drag Queens. I cannot afford to see her just yet.

My next Drag Show is Katya and I absolutely cannot wait for her!!


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