19 Days chapter 150 Recap

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19 Days is back and what an eventful few chapter we’ve had!! Old Xian must be on a roll because the chapters are coming out quicker and faster than usual! In last weeks chapter we saw Jian Yi attempting to protect a Zhang and Mo Guanshan from a knife-carrying She Li with some paper and we saw Mo endure a shot up the bum. So, what will happen this time? Will we see how He Tian is doing? Will it be another school day? Will She Li be in the next chapter? Let’s find out…

We’re now emtering Mo Guanshan’s dream where everyone knows he’s had a ‘shot in the ass’ when he’s just about to go on a full frontal attack He Tian is there just in time to comfort him, He Tian style…

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I love this chapter I love love love it!! It’s cute, it’s weird, it’s funny, it has everything I love about this manga!! There is soo much I want to discuss here and I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start by deciphering that dream sequence.

What I read from this dream sequence is that Mo is clearly bottling up some suppressed desire, especially with He Tian grabbing his tushy (I hate that word). Also we see He Tian in a caring comforting manner in his subconscious, which makes me question whether that’s how Mo sees him truly or if that’s what he wants from He Tian.

The fact he gets bullied in his dreams as well is slightly sad. How one of them speaks to him was very uncomfortable to read, and then I remembered that this is Mo Guanshan’s dream and he’s thinking those words, which makes me question is that how he thinks people would treat him if he was gay.

Clearly these are suppressed feelings coming to boil. He’s suppressing his feelings soo much that they’ve infested in to his dreams. He’ll have to come to terms with it sooner or later or the dreams are just going to get more intense. Also I don’t think Mo’s little secret is that he fancies He Tian either. I think Mo has another little secret…

I also want to point out Old Xian’s amazing attention to detail. Anyone else noticed how amazing Guanshan’s hair is looking longer and a whole lot nicer?! His hair is growing and so has Zhang’s and Jian Yi. I love it.

Next Chapter: I think it’ll be on the next school day. I would like to say She Li is returning but I won’t hold my breath. He always shows up when you least expect it.

You can read 19 Days here

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