Visual Diary: El Dorado Festival

At the end of June I attended my second festival of the year which was El Dorado, and it was amazing!! This time round I was slightly more relaxed than I was in the last festival and was a lot more patient with my tent. I think I’ll be able to put it up all by myself next time.

The atmosphere was positive from the word go. Everyone was wearing their best festival gear and having an absolute ball! The festival itself is massive, boasting a number of different music spots, each with it’s own unique theme. The festival covered a mix of genres such as ska, funk and soul (brought by the amazing Craig Charles) as well as Dubstep, house and others.

The food was absolutely delicious! They had a food truck only serving dumplings, and they were banging!! I really wanted to try the falafel and halloumi wrap at the shisha bar (yes they had a shisha bar) but they had run out of falafel. Ridiculous.

They also had a chill out area as well as various activities such as yoga, Bingo Lingo and a Burlesque class. Annie and I both went to the Burlesque class and it started great and whilst everyone was feeling weirdly empowered it did get a bit samey, so we left. Also the teacher kept telling us to pull a sexy face. I don’t have a sexy face. I’m not sexy. I’m too blunt to be sexy.

Some of the acts I saw were Riot Jazz who were amazing and they had the crowd on their feet!! They were a fun band to watch and I would love to see them again. Wilkinson’s set was insane!!! I danced like a goddam loon that night! And we also saw Sister Sledge who brought the weekend to an amazing close!! I didn’t realise how strong my accent was until I started singing ‘We are Family’.

It was nice to be with the crew again. I hadn’t seen Sam and Allan or Annie and Josh in such a long time it was nice to have this weekend away with them. Also whilst I was at the festival (fun anecdote coming up) I ended up with a big bruise right on my leg. It was very distracting for me so I decided to make it look all fancy with glitter. Sam turned it into a beautiful heart. A few hours went by and I ha just Craig Charles and chilling with the girls on the field we headed back to the tents, I look down and I saw some glitter had come off, so now my beautiful heart and looked like a tiny penis.

Bloody food festival. I’m looking forward to Lost Village and seeing everyone again.


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