Geeky Diaries: Gudetama Japanese Festival Re-Ment Unboxing

Today for my Geeky Diaries post I will be opening another Gudetama re-ment blind box and this bos theme is Japanese Festival. They have a Mikoshi re-ment so from that I can gather that this is based on the Mikoshi Festival that is held in Japan. I fell in love with last Gudetama re-ment (see post here) and I cannot wait to see what I shall get this time round!

What is Gudetama?
Gudetama is a Sanrio character mascot that has know become a cult phenomenon. You can buy his face on anything, anywhere in any country. Gudetama gets his name from the combination of words ‘gude’ and ‘tamago’. Gude means a person with no strength or no energy in Japanese while tama comes from the word tamago which means egg. It’s a sad egg.


What are re-ments?
RE-MENT Co., Ltd., is a Japanese manufacturer specialising in collectible plastic toys. The companies name, comes from the phrase ‘reform the entertainment’, which presents their desire to change and innovate the toy market. They’re great for Toy Photography purposes. Trust me.

The Blind Box
Because the theme of this re-ment is Japanese Festival they’ve added little firework patterns on the box. There are 8 re-ment pieces to collect all together and they all come with a little chain so you can hang them on your bag or anywhere you wish. That means it’s just a figure and there are no extra pieces to go along side it. The re-ments you can collect are;

Gudetama Mikoshi
Japanese Sponge Cake
Goldfish Scooping
Japanese Custard Muffin
Water Yo-yo
Paper Lantern

Crossing my fingers for either Goldfish Scooping or Japanese Custard Muffin. I don’t really care for the rest of them. The Goldfish Scooping looks really cute and Gudetama looks soo tiny. I just love the colours of the Japanese Custard Muffin.

And I got…

Paper Lantern.
Needless to say that I’m pretty miffed that I got Paper Lantern. Don’t get me wrong it’s really cute but it’s no Goldfish Scooping or Japanese Custard Muffin. Still I’m super impressed with the quality of the little re-ment and I love the egg shell print around the outside. The re-ment is also textured similar to a paper lantern, such precise detail for such a little figure.

This is my last Gudetama re-ment I believe and I doubt I’ll be buying anymore. I really want to find re-ments of different characters from other shows. I know they have a Kirby re-ment set as well as a few Pikachu and kirby re-ments out there, so I might go scouting around.

You can buy Gudetama Japanese Festival Re-Ment set here


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