Visual Diary: The psychedelic Funhouse

In the middle of June Rachel, Holly and I attended the first Psychedelic Funhouse which was held in The Depot in Cardiff. None of us had any idea what to expect but we all knew it was going to be trippy. We all dressed in our best florescent clothing and headed down in the afternoon.

The Funhouse had performers, music, drink and plenty of food. I haven’t seen soo much neon under one roof before!! The entire depot was decorated to suit the theme and it looked stunning.

There were plenty of guests at the party and everyone was dressed in flamboyant, glow-in-the-dark attire and we all looked so damn good!! I ended up coming home with a brand new UV badminton racket which I shall cherish forever and ever!! The music was also on top form!! Our ears were spoilt with some techno, house, trance and jungle!!! By the end you couldn’t stop people from dancing!!

A lot of people attended this event, a lot more than I thought there would be. They ended up combining the afternoon event with the late afternoon event so I assume they didn’t sell enough tickets, even so the place still was rammed which made the whole vibe and atmosphere slightly uncomfortable. Personally I would’ve chosen a smaller venue for an event like this. This was the first time they’ve held this event here so it was going to be hella quiet, so for something like that you need a small venue to make it look busier (especially for images to promote the event) because people will then be lead to believe the event was packed and the next time more people will buy tickets which then means they can hold the event in a bigger venue.

It was a great event and we all had an amazing time, but it did lack atmosphere to the vast space that wasn’t being used.


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