19 Days: Day 246 Recap

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19 Days is back snd Old Xian has brand new chapter for us!! In last week’s we saw He Tian and Guanshan at the hospital where He Tian said his goodbye. As a thank you to his brother for looking after his friends He Tian has to go and visit his father. Will finally meet He Tian’s dad? Is Guanshan recovering nicely in the hospital? Is Brother Qiu okay?! Let’s find out…

Jian Yi visits Mo Guanshan in the hospital during his lunchbreak. Whilst there Jian Yi fills Guanshan in on He Tian’s whereabouts…

Screen shot 2018-06-19 at 21.47.42

I PREDICTED CORRECTLY!!! In my last recap I mentioned that I thought Jian Yi would visit Guanshan in the hospital, and guess what? I WAS RIGHT!!! Jian Yi would’ve definitely visited Guanshan in the hospital and look how excited he s to see him!! That first panel is soo wholesome. I love their little relationship. Jian Yi is very comfortable with Guanshan while I think Guanshan himself feels slightly uncomfortable. I mean, he did smash Zhang’s head in with a rock and picked a fight with Jian Yi, I guess he should feel slightly uncomfortable.

Thought I would also draw your attention to Jian Yi’s face in panel number 8. Boy is going to break some hearts with that beautiful mug!!

Screen shot 2018-06-19 at 21.47.34

From what I’ve picked up on in this chapter is that Guanshan seems to feel he is inferior to He Tian. When Jian Yi mentions his wealth he’s seems on the defensive, bitter side. He definitely cares about him though, he’s definitely warming up to him!! He’s seems worried when he asks Jian Yi where He Tian is.

I’m in love with the last but one panel. I believe his expression is open to interpretation. I think he’s relieved, in his own weird, angry way. The middle finger is how they express their love!

Next Chapter: We’re either going to see Zhang and Jian Yi in school because we haven’t seen Zhang for a while or we’re going to see He Tian meeting his father. It would be nice to know if Jian Yi’s mother is okay.

You can read 19 Days here

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