Visual Diary: Love Saves the Day

Back in May I attended my first festival of the season: Love Saves the Day. Situated in the heart of Bristol, Love Saves the Day boasts a variety of different stages as well as activities, such as karaoke and roller blading to name a few. Just like any festival there were many bar areas as well as speciality cocktail trucks and of course there were plenty of food stalls catered for any taste buds.

The weather was on our side that day and the festival-goers looked absolutely incredible!!! Glitter and sparkles everywhere. We attended quite late but I still had a whale of a time!! I definitely want to go back next year! We made some friends, had a few drinks and I also ended up on Allan’s shoulders. I always find those who insist of being on someone’s shoulders during a concert/festival to be a pain in the ass. I am now one of those pains in the ass. A girl asked me to try and find her friend in the beige Ralph Lauren hat. I did not find him.

I also gave the Huji app another play around and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it!! I love the fact you don’t know what type of image you’re going to get!! It’s brilliant!




We also managed to snag some after-party tickets for Motion in the night time. I love Motion I think it’s a brilliant venue and every night I’ve been there has been bloody magical! This was no exception. I danced. A lot. I stopped drinking after midnight and I’m really proud of myself for doing so!! Snaps to Rhian!

Unfortunately for people who were attending on the Sunday, it was going to be a wet one. Sunday the thunderstorms came out. Fortunately we were heading home that night.

I had soo much fun there!! And I cannot wait for Festival num. 2!!!


2 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Love Saves the Day

  1. I love these photos! I’ve recently been using the Huji app too, litterally has saved my life 😂 sounds like a fab day x


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