19 Days: Day 245 Recap

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Things are becoming tense in the world of 19 Days!! Last week we saw HE Tian and Mo Guanshan managing to escape the crazed mob that was after them, which is now being dealt by Brother Qiu. Mo Guanshan was coughing up blood by the end and was carried like a princess by his knight in shining armour. What going to happen this week? Let’s find out…

Mo Guanshan is in hospital (thank the good lord) and He Tian waits for him to wake before he leaves. He tells He Cheng he owes him and asks for one more favour, but at a price…

Screen shot 2018-06-11 at 21.11.14

So is he leaving or good? We all know that He Tian leaves at some point because a future chapter told us so, but I didn’t think he would be leaving this early!! I hope this isn’t the last time Mo Guanshan gets to see He Tian. Their story was only just beginning. I hope Guanshan doesn’t get into any more trouble now that Tian has gone. I’m sure he won’t.

Even though this chapter is slightly sad, it’s also really cute!! Look at them given each other the middle finger!! They’re soo in love. Also He Tian didn’t really need to squeeze Guanshan down there in order to wake him up A simple nudge would’ve worked been just as well.

I love the dark blue colouring going on in this weeks chapter. It sets the mood and the tone of the situation. Guanshan’s hair just catches your eye!!

I’m not sure what to think of He Tian’s and He Cheng’s relationship. I feel like He Cheng wants to be close, but at the same time, I cannot tell if their past the point of no return. I did say in the last article that He Cheng would help, he would for his little brother, who probably never asks him for help, ever but I also understand why he’s reluctant to spoil him.

Next Chapter: I think it’s going to be a Jian Yi and Zhang chapter as we haven’t had one in such a long time. Maybe it’ll one of them visiting Guanshan in the hospital, that would be really cute. I also see the damage done by Brother Qiu, I bet he doesn’t have a scratch on him!

You can read 19 Days here

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