Visual Diary: Lemon Magazine


Back in the beginning of May I was to photograph the launch of Lemon Magazine, a feminist and fashion magazine created as part of a University project by Emily Griffiths. The event was meant to take place in March but Beast in the East had other ideas and so the event was cancelled. However with some rescheduling the event was back in full swing and some of Emily’s nearest and dearest were there to celebrate her magazine and her amazing achievement.

rhidixonblog lifestyle vlogger lemon magazine



The event took place in Mocka Lounge which really set the scene. Dark ambiance and the room itself had a cozy feel to it. It was an enjoyable, sombre affair, with many of the guests reading and chatting amongst themselves. I had to get slightly creative with the images as it was quite dark down there, and I’m not super fussed in pointing my big ol’ flash in people’s eyes, however the flash had to come out here and there.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger lemon magazinerhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-4rhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-8

The magazine itself is an amazing read!! I took a copy home for my housemate and she absolutely loved it. A mixture of articles, interviews. photography, design and art, the magazine covered all the creative fields. I was extremely impressed with it’s quality.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger lemon magazinerhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-7rhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-10rhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-11rhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-12rhidixonblog-lifestyleblogger-lemon-magazine-13

I’m still not great working with crowds of people on my own, but Emily was an absolute sweetheart and put me right at ease. We chatted about University and where she sees Lemon Magazine heading in the future. For her first launch party she did an amazing job, and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!


Congratulations to Emily for a very successful launch party and good luck with the rest of the University year!! You’ll smash it!!

Visit Lemon Magazine’s Instagram here




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