19 Days: Day 244 Recap

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19 Days is back and the plot is becoming really intense!! In the last chapter we saw Mo Guanshan being smacked in the back with a bat and watched him grab He Tian and being chased by a group of angry mobs. What will happen in this weeks chapter? Let’s find out…

Jian Yi and Zhang are walking and picking out cute outfits together when they spot Mo Guanshan and He Tian running away from the mob. Brother Qiu is also around…

Screen shot 2018-06-08 at 18.32.40

What a cliffhanger!!! Old Xian is literally keeping us at the edge of our seats now!! The fact that the characters crossed paths was a sensible idea as we haven’t seen Jian Yi and Zhang for a while now but she couldn’t leave us hanging with them running away.

I can’t believe Mo Guanshan use the last of his strength to help rescue He Tian, poor thing must’ve been suffering!! He Tian looks soo concerned as it’s nice to see him be serious with Guanshan for a change. The princess hold was a huge hit with the fandom. The fear in his eyes is painful. He cares soo much about Mo Guanshan and you can definitely see it in these pages.

I’m also wondering whether Brother Qiu is there to look after Jian Yi or if He Tian sent out a earch party for Mo. Either way he looks terrifying in this chapter. Wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley.

I think it was a really good idea to provide some comic relief at the beginning of the chapter, it’s also nice Jian Yi and Zhang drawn as high school boys. Their facial expressions in each panel are soo cute. The banana and balls t-shirt was hysterical, Jian Yi’s face is so serious it had me in such giggles.

Next Chapter: Mo Guanshan recovering in hospital hopefully but I think that all four boys will cross paths and they will all help Mo Guanshan again. I feel that afterwards Mo will feel incredibly guilty. I also feel him and He Tian’s relationship will develop even further.

You can read 19 Days here 

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