Photography Portfolio: Maternity Shoot

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger maternity shoot

On the weekend I was given the opportunity to do my first maternity shoot!!! I was really excited to give it a go and see what sort of work I would produce first time round. My guinea pig was my friend Deb who is expecting a baby boy in July. With a few pregnant friends expecting to pop any time soon I thought I may as well practice some shoots just in case it’s what I would like to do when I retire!!


I was given 50 minutes to take a few images for Deb (they had an hour on the meter for the car) and I had to fit quite a few different ideas in. One thing I learnt straight away as soon as started shooting is that should always have props. From now on I will definitely have some maternity shoot pros, I’m thinking blue/pink/yellow bunting as well as balloons, flowers and paint.


A good idea is ask the mother-to-be to bring a scan with her. This is an image idea I found quite a lot of photographers use and I think it’s a cute idea. Deb also brought a framed image of her step children too which I thought was a really sweet idea.


We chose the park as our location. For my first shoot I thought this was a safe option and also the sun was out which can be a plus or a negative when it comes to shading and how the sun light makes everything waay too bright.



For me first shoot and with 45 minutes to pack everything in, I thought I did a splendid job!! Even after 11 years of being a photographer I still have to remind myself that not every image is going to be great.


I set myself a task with this project: to only pick 10 good images. I tend to produce too many images and therefore the best don’t really stand out. Instead of producing a few spectacular images I tend to show too much of good and bad images. This is a cycle I need to break out of especially if I want to start holding exhibitions and turn this into a full time job.

What do you think of my first pregnancy shoot? Critiques are all welcome!