Visual Diary: Berlin and My Exhibition

In the second week of May I managed to organise my first ever Photography Exhibit which was taking place in a sex club in Berlin!! I’m not going to lie, it was incredibly tough.  To get the prints over, to buy the frames to finding the location itself was incredibly hard. But I did it. I did it and I’m incredibly proud of myself.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the actual exhibition taking place as you’re not allowed to have your phones on you but believe me when I say it was an experience and a half!! The deco in there is soo beautiful and the music was top notch!!! It was my first time hearing German Techno and it was amazing!! What happened and what I saw will be something I will never forget.

That all happened on our last day though!! Before that the girls and I had a good tour around Berlin which is like an urban jungle filled with hidden treasures, street art and hipsters. We didn’t do a tenth of the activities there!!

On our first day we headed to this lovely greek restaurant and watched the sunset. It was beautiful. I noticed in Berlin that the people really appreciate and enjoy their food. In the UK we just eat, mostly in silence, however in Berlin they were chatting, eating and taking their time. They were enjoying the moment. I want to do that a lot more when I go home. I want to enjoy my food properly.

Our main port-of-call was East Side Gallery which is the street art drawn on the Berlin Wall. It was such incredible work. Wherever you go in Berlin you will find incredible street art. Just keep your eyes peeled and look everywhere! We also found a cool, hipster bar and area just between The East Side Gallery and AlexanderPlatz. We sat by the riverside and drank some beer. Bliss.

We did a lot of walking on our adventure, First we saw the Reichstag Building, and then the Cathedral at night. We drank in a few interesting bars. Met incredibly interesting people along the way.

I still can’t believe I’ve held my first exhibition abroad. I’m incredibly proud of myself.