19 Days: Day 243 Recap

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19 Days is back and the fandom is at the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next! In the last chapter Mo Guanshan was about to be beaten up by some thugs when He Tian came to his aid. Let’s see what happens next!!

He Tian has just come to Mo’s rescue and starts beaten up the thugs. However there about to be joined by some more unwanted company…

Screen shot 2018-05-30 at 21.53.36

This is such an insane chapter!!! Where to even begin!? This chapter had my heart racing!! Look at all those thugs ganging up on two teenage boys and look at those two teenage boys beating up a load of thugs!! It’s pretty ridiculous but what an exciting chapter!!

A lot of people questioned Mo’s response to the incident. Of course he was going to save in front of He Tian. It would be a bit unrealistic for him to be all ‘Oh He Tian, you’re my hero!” out of nowhere! I honestly cannot believe they bashed his back with a bat!! Poor child, that must’ve really hurt. Mo isn’t really a fighter, he only fights when he has to and I thought it was really sweet of him to take He Tian with him. He Tian has already shed blood for Mo Guanshan once and I cannot see Mo Guanshan being able to live with the guilt if he made him bleed once more.

He Tian finally called him ‘Little Mo’. My heart skipped at that point! I’m pretty sure after this Mo will lose his temper over the pet name but it’s nice for us fans that reacted cooly for the first one at least (well, not cooly but didn’t lose his temper).

Next Chapter: The next chapter will either be centred around Jian Yi or Zhang but I have a strange suspicion that it might be a chapter of He Cheng being alerted to He Tian’s problem. I honestly cannot wait to find out!!

You can read 19 Days here

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