Visual Diary: Endgame, The Bank Heist




_MG_5525Big things are heading to Portland house! They’ve managed to snag a license that allows them to hold big music events in it’s beautiful hall and Endgame were quick to give it the first whirl. The first of it’s kind to take place in Portland House there was a lot riding on this night.

You could describe it as Judgement Day. If it flopped we were screwed, if it succeeded then the possibilities and the events we could hold there are endless!!! We were all a bag of nerves. We all really wanted this night to work, and my God did it just!




Not only did they have a shit ton of DJ’s as well performers but they also had a great big huge tank parked right in front of the venue. Warner Brothers are filming a television series in Cardiff Bay at the moment and they’d built a collapsed building which worked incredibly well with the tank. Everyone was chuffed and it worked soo well with the night itself. Thank you Warner Bros!!





The theme of the event was ‘Bank Heist’ so we had police officers, ladies donned in balaclavas and also money guns (they shoot out money, looks amazing in super slow-mo). The beginning of the night was slightly quiet (as expected) but as the night went on the whole building was packed!! Every room was filled with sweaty, happy ravers having an absolute ball!!







I wasn’t meant to be taking images during the night but I didn’t want to regret not taking my camera and luckily I did because I have some absolute stunners!!! Two of which I’m hoping to use for my exhibition in Berlin.

This was an incredibly successful night and I cannot wait to see what else Portland House will bring!!!