Visual Diary: Menswear Bowling

In April my co-workers and I decided to head out to our local bowling complex for a few games and drinks and we had a right laugh!!! Bowling and vodka isn’t a good mix but I managed to make it work. I hadn’t been out with the menswear crew ever, so it was nice to be invited and participate.

We played two games each and we all had a ball!! By the end I was more liquor than human but woke up the next day with no hangover. Winning.

We all then headed out to Peppermint which was blasting some solid Rn’b tracks. Whilst all the adults went home I was left with the youngsters (18-20) and I felt like I was babysitting and cramping their style,  so I headed home.

Typically I spent waay too much money but I had fun. I work hard with my six jobs so it was nice to blow off some steam. We’re all planning on doing another gathering soon and I cannot wait!! With the weather finally changing and the sun finally making an appearance we can enjoy some more outdoor activities. maybe even a drunken picnic in the park?!

I can’t wait for more summer shenanigans!!


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