Visual Diary: Shangela Drag Show

Another month, another drag show. This time around Kat and I went to see Shangela, the true winner of Ru Paul’s drag race (sorry Trixie). Kat and I have been od’ing on drag shows lately. This would be our tenth drag queen in a space of three months so I’m happy that at least we have a one month break until the next one.

I loved Shangela in All Stars 3 and she was on top form throughout. She was amazing in all of the challenges except one but girl can’t sow. Everything else she was perfect!! I was really excited to see her stand up as I didn’t know what to expect from her!

The two opening acts were absolutely amazing!! Unfortunately I cannot remember their names but I do know that they are two drag queens from Glasgow and Kat and I are determined to see them!!! They were incredible!! Best opening acts so far!! They did some solid lip synching as well as an acrobatic performing which was tight!! Unfortunately the audience was really stiff. It was a very boring audience…until Shangela came out.

Straight away she came out dancing and came straight into the crowd. She was constantly death dropping and she was doing it soo quickly. She sang, she lip-synched and she had the whole place in absolute hysterics!! She was just like drag mother Alyssa Edwards and all she did was talk, and it was sooo funny!!! she talked about her time on All Stars 3 as well as giving us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She interacted with the audience beautifully and paid special attention to her younger fans which I thought was really really cute!!

This was the best drag show soo far. The opening acts were solid, the drag queen herself was on fire. It’s just a shame the audience themselves were incredibly crap.

Next drag queen: Alaska Thunderfuck


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