Geeky Diaries: Minnie Mouse Figure Unboxing

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For this weeks Geeky Diaries I’ll be opening a Mini Mouse Collectible Mini Figure blind bag. I found these in my local Disney Store and they were only £3 each so I bought two while I was shopping. The designs look really cute and I couldn’t resist!!

Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney. She and Mickey Mouse were first drawn by Iwerks in 1928. The comic strip story “The Gleam” (published January 19–May 2, 1942) by Merrill De Maris and Floyd Gottfredson first gave her full name as Minerva Mouse, although this is seldom used.

Minnie was designed in the fashion of a “flapper” girl. Her main outfit consisted of a short flapper girl dress that often revealed her distinctive patched knickers. Minnie’s early personality is cute, playful, musical and flirtatious. She often portrays an entertainer like a dancer or a musician that Mickey is trying to win the affection of. Part of the comedy of these early shorts is the varying degree of success Mickey has in wooing Minnie.


The Blind Bag
The blind bag has the cute polka dot pattern that Minnie always dons. The main colours are red and pink and on the right hand side we have a really cute, vintage Minnie Mouse design. There are 10 Minnie Mouse collectibles all together depicting Minnie Mouse from different era’s which includes 1920’s, 1930″s, 1930”s Hula, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to get either 1930’s Hula Minnie (I absolutely love the colours) or 1970’s Minnie. They all look soo cute but they have to be my favourite designs.

And I got….


1990’s Minnie!!
She’s soo cute and the colours are so beautiful in a pastel pink and lilac, her pose is also really cute too. I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t manage to get the Hula or the 1970’s Minnie but I am a 90’s baby so this suite me perfectly. I’ll try and get my hands on more to open for you guys!!