Visual Diary: High Fidelity 002

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On Bank Holiday Sunday I was an incredibly busy little bee!! Straight away from seeing the Twisted Circus I headed straight to The Vaults for a photography job with High Fidelity 002 which was incredible!!




I was given the task of taking photos of the crowd (not posed which proved incredibly difficult for me, I definitely need to practice this a bit more) and take images of the DJ’s. i also decided to film some of the rave which I’m pretty proud of if I do say so myself.







Never have I seen the place soo packed before. Both rooms were constantly full but I’ve always been lucky in the fact that people are more than willing to make room for me when they see my camera. I’ve always left a rave job impressed with how courteous people are, however intoxicated they may seem.





The place was bouncing. DJ Argy got the crowd going like no other while Phutek brought the house down!! The night ended with Natasha Denby and Taz Meah bringing the whole night to a close. Safe to say I was tired by 5 o’ clock.






It was lush to have a such a creative lee-way with my images!! I was treated soo nicely with the staff and it was insane to spend most of my night behind the DJ booth!!! I hope the High-Fidelity crew are happy with what I produced. Hopefully I’ll do a better job next time…if they have me back of course!