19 Days: Chapter 237 Recap

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Old Xian is back with another instalment of 19 Days than the fandom could not be happier!! We were left wit a cliffhanger in the last chapter with He Tian pulling Mo Guanshan on top of him, leaving him in an awkward position. What has happened since? Let’s find out…

Mo Guanshan is still on top of He Tian and the little stinker is winding him up. His phone begins to vibrate which He Tian is more than happy to answer…

Screen shot 2018-04-15 at 20.01.08

Well well well!! What a beginning to a chapter!!! That pesky phone with it’s vibration!! Did anyone notice He Tian holding his erm…boys in the panel where Guanshan answers his call? So did I!! He Tian looks like a handsome little devil when he’s on the phone, I’m surprised Old Xian didn’t add devil horns to his hair. I’m also glad little Mo fought back a tiny bit even if he scratched He Tian’s face.

There is also some development between the two in this chapter and I love it!!! I love the fact that little Guanshan is allowing He Tian to ruffle his hair and doesn’t fight back. Before he would’ve kicked or punched or done something, but now look at him. He accepting the affection. I also love the fact that He Tian is not forcing himself on him (as much) and also doesn’t pressurise the boy into staying over. I guess Guanshan little confession must’ve soften He Tian slightly.

Just like the rest of the fandom I really want something to happen between them soon. However with Weibo cracking down on homosexual content (cue major eyeroll) the likely hood of them going any further than a hug (if that even) is highly unlikely. Here’s hoping the Old Xian will choose another platform that won’t restrict their work because a society is scared of a certain type of love.

Next Chapter: We’ve had two chapters on He Tian and Mo Guanshan so the next chapter will either focus on Jian Yi or his mother. However what I would love to see in the next chapter is Mo Guanshan reflecting on what occurred between He Tian. If there is a time for him to realise his bottled up anger might be him trying to restrain his feelings and working on it, now is the time.

You can read 19 Days here 

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