Visual Diary: Ann Summers Party

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger ann summers party

Back in March I held my first Ann Summers Party and it was an absolute scream!! Ann Summers is a lingerie and sex toy shop in the UK and one of my favourite places to buy my trash clothing as well as my sports clothing!!





Ann Summers clothing is very affordable and if you hold an Ann Summers party they’re even cheaper!! As the parties host you get 15% of any purchase over £150. The whole party came about because one of my co-workers Nancy is an Ann Summers rep and to help her out I decided to hold a party in Bewt Studios (which might become a regular thing).


I bought an entire new outfit for my exhibition in berlin and I absolutely love it!! I still need to try on the trousers though (I should get round to doing that) I also bought myself a brand new choker, where I’m going to wear it, I have no idea, but I LOVE IT!!!



I also ended up going halves on a pyjamas with Katrin and I absolutely love it!! It has the same design as the Ann Summers wall paper (people screwing).

I honestly cannot wait for the next one which will be happening very soon, just in time for bikini season!!





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