19 Days: Chapter 236 Recap

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Old Xian has honoured us with yet another chapter of 19 Days and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Last time we saw brother Qiu yet again who informed Jian Yi that his mother would not be returning for a little while. Is his mother okay? Has Zhang’s face mask worked? Is He Tian still being a little brat? Let’s find out…

He Tian is still playing his little trick on Mo who, from the kindess of his heart decides to drag He Tian across the floor to bed, however He Tian has other ideas…

Screen shot 2018-04-10 at 20.53.18

My new favourite chapter!! This was hilarious and the tension is killing me!! Just kiss!! Again!! Old Xian is really building the tension between these two and I’m 100% the fandom is not ready!! I was howling out loud with He Tian’s ‘You’re killing me’. Serves him right the little monster!!

Look at poor Mo Mo struggling to get him on the bed!! I just love the fact he’s dragging him on the solid floor. Even though he’s trying to do a nice thing (technically) he’s going about it the wrong way,

I have to say it but Tian is pushing it. Even I’m getting fed up with the teasing. I think he’s going to learn that his way is the wrong way soon enough. Mo is not going to stay around (I know he does but whilst they’re young) if he carries on acting like this. He’s pushing Mo away.

Next Chapter: From the look of it Mo’s and He Tian’s storyline seems to be the main storyline of this particular arc so I think the next chapter will be a continuation of this. If not then definitely a ‘next day ‘ chapter. I’m also hoping we’ll get to find out if Jian Yi’s mother is okay.

You can read 19 Days here

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