Geeky Diaries: Num Noms Series 2 Unboxing


With Toys R’ Us closing down (did anyone else’s heart break? Or just mine?) I decided to head in and find some more Num Nom boxes to open!! Even though I’m 27 now, I’m not embarrassed to say that I love and adore my Num Noms!! They make my desk look soo cute!! They always smell so scrumptious and I’ve always been really lucky with my blind boxes!! I’ve never had a doubly and I’ve never felt severely disappointed with any of them!!

What Are Num Noms?
The official description is that “Nums are the outer, soft, squishy, hollow characters that nest on top of Noms. Noms are the inner, hard-shelled characters that are either motorized to scoot around, or filled with flavored lip gloss.” Their world looks like it could take place within your kitchen cabinets or pantry – a place where food  is up for fun, and “a recipe for mischief.” Each Num and Nom is named  and has a specific profile. Kids can craft their own “recipes” by mixing and matching their Num Noms.


There are soo many to collect and there are 4 series of these blind boxes including a Light Up special. I haven’t seen any series 4 Num Noms on sale but I’ll keep my eye out for them!!

Because there are A TON of num noms to collect it’s easier for me to show you what I got, what category it falls in (with series 2 there 9 num categories and 4 nom categories) and who else you can collect within that category.




So, for my num I got…. Berry Waffles!!
Berry Waffles is the limited edition num (my third/fourth limited edition may I add) and she is part of the Brunch Nums family. In this category you can also collect Maple Cakes, Berry Cakes, Willy Waffles, Cindy Cinnamon, Sunny Omelette, Becca Bacon, Strawberry Froyo, Nilla Froyo and Berry Froyo. I’m not going to lie Berry Waffles is incredibly pungent and I honestly cannot tell if it’s a good smell or not.




For my nom I got….Mint Gummy
I love her colour, it’s incredibly vibrant!! She is part of the Gummy Noms family which also includes Lemon Gummy, B-Day Gummy, Candy Gummy, Cherry Gummy, Wild Berry Gummy and the limited edition Caramel…Gummy…I think.

I hope you enjoyed my Num Nom unboxing and I’ll have more to unbox soon!!



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