Visual Diary: Alyssa Edwards Live

This year is the year of Drag Queens for me. I’m lucky enough to see all of the favourites this year and that includes Trixie Mattel, who I’ve already seen, BenDeLaCreme, Shangela and of course the diva, the queen herself, Alyssa Edwards!!

Alyssa Edwards is one of my all time favourites and I knew about her before I started watching Ru Paul religiously. Kat and I have been watching ‘Alyssa’s Secrets’ non-stop on Youtube and we honestly couldn’t wait to see her. We were certainly not prepared for what we witnessed…

She had two opening acts who were…okay. Nothing spellbinding and certainly not as good as Trixie’s opening act. There were some major technical issues at the beginning and we had to wait five minutes for it to be fixed. It didn’t. When they announced her they started playing Alyssa’s Secret on the wall, but with no sound. The technical guys were going to get it after the show. The guy hosting the night (I’ve forgotten his name, my apologise) started talking to someone at the back of the room, we all spun around and there she was, in all her diva glory. She demanded something where the host replied ‘What did you say’ to which she retorted ‘Oh you heard me bitch’ and with that the whole place went BANANAS!!!

She was absolutely amazing!!! This has to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Second to Rhod Gilbert, no joke. She was incredible!! The insane fact; she didn’t do anything!! She didn’t do a stand up piece, she didn’t do a lipsync routine, or a dance routine. She just told us a story and it was absolutely hilarious. We got to ask her a few questions, she interacted with the audience like it was no one’s business and the best thing; she allowed recordings!!! I hope you enjoy all the videos I did!!

Thus far, in my drag gig marathon, this was the best show!!! The next one is BenDeLaCreme. The Queen of All Stars 3!! I already know she’ll blow us away!!