Private Playlist #4

One of my favourite posts to write, a new private playlist!!! I’ve run out of songs so I’m not quite sure what will happen next month, I might try a different playlist. Hopefully I’ll find some new music for you all.

Queens of the Stoneage – No One Knows`
Queens of the Stoneage were on my first playlist and here they are, back again with some sick guitar rifts!! Enjoy *wink wink*

Horns (STeLOUSE Remix)
My pole teacher is creating a routine for me for this song. I love it. It’s as sexy as the come (no pun intended…you playlist…come…you get it). This is a proper slow dance, grinding on your partner type of song and you are going to love it.

Boing Boing – The Seige
I’m giving this song a special mention because it’s such a good tune!! It’s good for, you know, in-your-personal-space dancing.

Forget about Tomorrow – Jay Park
Here he is with this fourth mention on my playlists posts. Jay Park has delivered another belter for us to shake our hips too. He is literally the king of smooth music.

I’m Not Sorry – Dean
I love Dean! I’m glad I have finally found a song from him that I can enjoy on…another level. Dean’s musci is a bit too slow for my liking even though he has a cracking smooth voice and he’s an absolute snack! I higly recommend you check out his entire library because his music might be just what you and your partner might be looking for.

Sugar Tastes Like Salt – The Orielles
I saw the Orielles at a gig back in February and I fell in love with this song!! It’s also eight minutes long so no need to stop and keep replaying.

Sunrise – Kygo, Jason Walker
I found this on an amateur porn video. So tried and tested and I hope you enjoy as much as the couple in the video did.

Wall of Glass – Liam Gallagher
This is my favourite favourite song out of all my private playlist songs. I’m completely in love with it and I haven’t stopped playing it since I heard it in the Topshop fitting rooms. The beat, the drums, everything about it is just…eargasmic!! This is the ultimate song for a good intense fu…..