Geeky Diaries: Gutedama Re-ment Unboxing

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Whilst on my travels in Tokyo last year I acquired a few little mystery boxes here and there, and life got in the way and I’ve only now started opening them!! For today’s post I’m going to unbox a Gudetama Mystery Box I got from a stall in Shibuya train station.


What is Gudetama?
Sanrio’s egg-turned-mascot character gets its name from a combination of the words “gude“(pronouced goo-deh), which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and “tama” from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese.


What is a Re-ment?
RE-MENT Co., Ltd., located in Chiyoda Tokyo, is a Japanese manufacturer of collectible plastic toys. The company’s name is derived from a combination of the phrase “reform the entertainment”, alluding to their desire for innovation in the toy market.


The re-ment I purchased was the Gudetama Meal of Folk Tales set, I remember this being a panic buy because we were catching the last train and I had to be a pain. There are 8 re-ments to collect all together and they are;

Custard Manju
Seafood Rice Bowl
Hot Pot
Nagashi Somen
Tororo Soba with Egg
Scattered Sushi
Japanese Sweets
Sushi Roll

All the designs are adorable and I would be happy with any, however I am crossing my fingers for Japanese Sweets.

And I got…


Look how cute he is!!! He is soo tiny and it’ll be a pain to lose him. This is such a cute design and you get to assemble it yourself. I honestly cannot believe how small it is and yet the base is so nicely detailed.


Honestly I wish I bought more. I wish I bought different varieties too to show you guys. sell re-ments in packs if any of you are interested in start collecting. They’re amazing to use for toy photography too.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger gudetama rement unboxing



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