Visual Diary: The Orielles

On the 20th February Kat and I decided to head down to our local gig venue Clwb Ifor Bach to see Buzzard supporting The Orielles. We saw Buzzard by mistake back in January on a random night out and we’ve been in love with them ever since. I bought the tickets immediately and after this we’re planning on seeing them again soon!! The gig was packed to capacity!!! I’ve never been to a gig soo full before!! It was sooo much fun!!!

The first band were called Private World and Kat absolutely loved them!! They were good don’t get me wrong but they were not my cup of tea. Great stage presence and the crowd loved them!!

The Orielles were the last to perform and they were soooo good and the crowd loved them!! Their last song titled ‘Sugar Tastes like Salt’ had to be my favourite song from the whole set!! I’m going to add it to my Private Playlist post soon, it’s that good!! Unfortunately Kat and I were right at the back so we couldn’t see them for shit!! All I could see were silhouetted heads and Jeff (a Clwb Ifor Bach and gig regular). They mentioned that their last gig in Cardiff was a slight bust so I’m glad they had a better gig this time around.

The second and the act we were desperate to see was Buzzard and they did not disappoint!!! They stole the whole goddamn gig!! And the singer….


….he is an absolute snack!!! His has this amazing stage presence and he’s soo bloody confident!!! Katrin and I are slightly in love with him, he was just incredible. None of my videos do justice to how amazing he is on stage. All of them to be fair.

Such a good gig!! Every gig Kat and I have been to thus far has been pretty incredible!! I can’t wait to see what other gigs we have coming up!!


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