My Favourite Celebrities on Instagram

I think I’ve reached the age where I have no idea who famous people are anymore. I didn’t have a clue Logan Paul was, I have no idea whose in the charts and could not name you an up-and-coming actor even if you gave a five minute research time. However I do have my personal favourites and each of them has an Instagram feed to die for. If you were feeling as if life can eat a bag of dicks then you’re going be howling into your pillow, wishing you were these lot!

Jennifer Tilly
From showing off her Dolce and Gabbana jewellery to updating us on how Tiffany (Bride of Chucky) Jennifer Tilly’s Instagram will make you green with envy. The lady is a couture Queen and is constantly jet setting to these amazing places (recently she went to Hawaii and the images were incredible). I love Jennifer Tilly and her Insta made me fall in love with her even more!!

Dita Von Teese
The Queen of Burlesque obviously has her own Insta page and oh my good knight it’s too die for!! The Glamourous little lady is more than happy to show off her exquisite gowns, jewellery as well as giving us a glimpse on up-and-coming shows as well as new props!! You’ll be such a bitter Betty once you see the hotels she stays in!!

Yo-Landi Visser
I bit of a 180 from the two above but still a cool-ass feed none-the-less! Yo-Landi is a rapper and singer for Die Antwoord and her feed is interesting and colourful. Make sure you check out her feed every Tuesday, you can thank me later #twerkintuesdays.

Amber Rose
As a female I think you HAVE to follow Amber Rose’s Instagram feed. From Slutwalks to sex positive memes, this amazing woman is not ashamed and by God we love her for it!! If you’re not about the sexuality and the feminism, then follow her page for the cute videos of her son who is sweetest human being in the whole world. The lady is a fantastic mother!

Kat Von D
I’m not a big Kat Von D fan anymore (she’s a slight hypocrite), however I cannot deny the fact that her Insta feed is aesthetically pleasing to me, especially my inner 16 year old goth self. You will love seeing images of her all black garden as well as images of her beautiful sphinx cats. Her house decor is literally my dream.

Anthony Hopkins
I love Anthony Hopkins. He is, without a doubt one of the best welsh actors around and he’s such a dramatic bitch on his Instagram and I’m just more in love with him now than ever!!

Chaelin (CL)
CL is a kpop superstar whose meant to (and hopefully) will take America by storm this year. She was the leader of kpop band 2NE1 but unfortunately the band disbanded the beginning of last year. Her feed is a mixture of selfies and shots from her concert. She is referred to by her fanbase as ‘Internet Mom’. Follow her and you’ll see why.


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