19 Days: Day 231 Recap

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Old Xian took a well deserved break as they do every year after Chinese New Year but now they are back with a new chapter for us to enjoy!! In the last chapter He Tian caught the flu and was surprised by an unexpected visit by his brother which ended up with He Tian confronting his feelings for his brother. What will happen in this chapter? Let’s find out…

Guanshan is getting hassled at school about He Tian’s absence. Feeling annoyed and disgruntled he heads over to the sandwich stand where he bumps into a stranger who seems vaguely familiar…

Screen shot 2018-03-05 at 19.02.00

Not the best first impressions with the brother-in-law but they have finally met!! Bless Guanshan, even when He Tian is ill he’s still can’t get away from him. I am disappointed that Guanshan doesn’t even seem the slightest bit concerned, I thought there would be some ‘Hmmm I wonder where He Tian is today?’ however, saying that, the boy is constantly bugged by him every day, maybe one day is too much to ask him to be worried about He Tian.

Also do I detect a hint of…jealousy!
‘Which girlfriend are you?!’ is not something you usually tell to someone when their enquiring about something. Seven asks too!! Give the boy the biggest sandwich he deserves it!! Also he’s blushing!!! He saw He Tian and he began to bluuush!!! Guanshan is soo cute!! I do feel though that character development is slightly slow for me. I’m not quite sure what I want to see but I want to see a more mature, caring side of Guanshan. Please? If you wouldn’t mind Old Xian?!

Next Chapter: Hopefully a continuation of this where Guanshan goes and sees He Tian. That would be really really nice. I doubt it’ll happen though.

You can read 19 Days here

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