Visual Diary: Esprit D’air Gig

Since I was a young tween I’ve always enjoyed East Asian music and the first ever genre I ever heard was Visual Kei which was Japanese Rock. I was an avid fan of Miyavi, The Gazette and Dir En Grey and always envisioned myself being part of the crowd at The Peace and Smile Carnival Tour.

Sadly I never managed to attend any of their tours even though Miyavi might be a possibility this year. But I was lucky enough to see Japanese rock band Esprit D’air at Buffalo Bar in Cardiff. I haven’t been soo excited for a gig in such a long time and my inner 14 year old was terribly excited!

Tokyo Taboo
One of the supporting bands were called Tokyo Taboo and they were amazing!! They’re a female fronted band and they absolutely killed their set. They got the whole placed pumped up and everyone was having an amazing time!! I’m also a massive sucker for interactive, where the band/singer gets personal with the crowd and by the end of their set we were all sitting on the floor in a circle, holding hands,  it was such a nice moment!

Esprit D’air
They were phenomenal!!! I could hear the distinct melody of Japanese rock as the crowd head banged through their entire set. They also came a mingled with the fans during their incredible set!! I found myself being taken over by the music. My 14 year old self was creeping out from the shadows and was ready to have the night she never got.

The Crowd
We were an eclectic bunch I can tell you that. You had every sub-culture under one roof and we all got along like a house on fire! There were groups of friends and some people came by themselves, but quickly befriended each other while there were plenty and plenty of couples.

I had such a great night!! I can tick another thing off my bucket list!!


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