Visual Diary: Rave Num 1





Before Cellar Door I had another rave to photograph the night before which was also a hoot and a half. Unfortunately the advertising was left a little too late and the turn out was sub par to say the least, however it was still a good night and after one or two more events I’m 110% sure it’ll pick, no questions asked.




Why am I referring it to Rave Num 1? Well, I’ve forgotten what the event was called but I do know it was LGBTQ event and some people were dressed to impress!! And some people were barely dressed at all.

This was a great rave to ease my way back into Event Photography, something I haven’t done in years. My first experience as a Nightlife Photographer left a sour taste in my mouth so, as you can imagine, I was completely and utterly cacking myself throughout.






However, there is a massive difference between a rave and a nightclub and there is an even bigger difference with the crowd too. Put me in a rave and I feel incredibly safe, put me in a nightclub and I’ll have my hand constantly on top of my glass and my hand will be in a fist, ready to clobber anyone who touches me inappropriately. I’ve never had that in a rave.








A big huge thank you for those who let my photograph them, I honestly do appreciate it. Especially to the lady with the blonde bob who wanted to kill me by the end.








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