Visual Diary: Working with Salsa Khalifa



One of the joys of working in a photography studio is that you get to meet new photographers along the way. On February 11th I had the absolute joy of meeting Salsa Khalifa who has her own photography company and who specialises in wedding, studio work and Newborn Photography. She is situated in Birmingham and is also a professional videographer.

I was her assistant for the day and I had an absolute blast working with her!! I haven’t done studio work in a long long LOONG time so I was a bit rusty with my camera. She asked if she could get a few candid shots of her working and I was more than happy to oblige.



As you can see from the images she’s passionate about her work and enjoys the job very much!! She had everyone at ease and worked well under the circumstances (the fuse went and the baby urinated on most things).


rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger salsa khalifa



I’ve never done or witnessed a Newborn photography shoot before and oh my word is it difficult. You have no idea what mood the little bubba is going to be in. The little cherub we had was overcome by the flash so us women (the mother, the auntie and myself) were on military duty, making sure the baby was nice and calm through the whole shoot.

“Give her the bottle, alright I’ll count to three: 1,2,3, BOTTLE OUT BOTTLE OUT!!!”

I hope we’ll get to work together soon and Salsa you’re welcome back to the studio any time!!!






You can follow Salsa Khalifa’s work here


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